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Why Nordic West Office?

At the turn of the 1990’s, the Iron Curtain fell and the Soviet Union collapsed. The world faced a new East. Every globally operating Nordic company had to re-evaluate its strategy. East Office and other platforms were founded to do research and coordinate information sharing.

Now it’s the West that’s in turmoil. The financial crisis of 2008 was not just an economic event but a political one. It put in motion developments that in 2016 led to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union and the election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States. With the technological revolution and climate change, businesses see their operations environment radically transformed.

 The Nordic and Baltic companies, too, feel a strong need to understand the disrupted marketplace and the change in open liberal democracies that we call the West.

We heeded the call.

We’ve joined forces to make our collective experience in politics, trade organizations, academia, law, diplomacy and the media available to the business leader in search of a sounding board and provide new tools to navigate the changing global marketplace. The strength of Nordic West Office lies in its ability to provide a community, highly tailored services, and a vast global reach.

Nordic West Office was founded in 2017 in a strategic partnership with the Nordic communications group Miltton and the US-based global law firm Orrick and in co-operation with Oxford Analytica. 


Our work

We help companies recognize the global forces that affect them and provide them with a wide array of strategic and operational tools to successfully navigate and leverage their impact. 

We also offer a wide range of services to companies that are entering the US market.

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The future of the Nordic Energy Markets

A new report by Nordic West Office calls for stronger integration of
Nordic energy markets to create the world’s smartest, low-carbon energy system.

Nordic West Office, together with eight Nordic companies, has published a report “The Future of the Nordic Energy Markets – Stronger Together”. The report explores concrete ways to create the world’s smartest energy system and to find the most energy and cost-efficient solutions in moving towards a low-carbon green economy. The report provides several concrete proposals for Nordic decision makers to drive stronger integration of Nordic energy markets.

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Nordic companies want Nordic governments to act as bridge-builders in Europe and in transatlantic relations. They urge Nordic governments to recognize that Estonia is part of the “New Nordics” group.

Nordic West Office published a report called “New Nordics — Modern bridge-builders” at New America in Washington, D.C. on 18 December 2018. New America is an influential bipartisan think tank headed by Anne-Marie Slaughter.

The report encourages Nordic companies and governments to “think big and be humble”. Thinking big means helping to solve some of the most difficult problems facing the West. Being humble means recognizing that small and big countries face challenges of different magnitude.

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Are trade wars the new normal? Who will control AI? Will China take the US role in politics and economics? To answer these questions among others, Nordic West Office, together with 16 Nordic companies, has developed four Global Scenarios to describe plausible futures ranging from 2021 to 2026.

Scenarios help companies, organisations and societies to prepare for the future, and stress test their strategies.

The four scenarios are: Belt and Road, which lengthens China’s march and examines how far it will take us; War-War picks up on how patriotism, populism and protectionism unite and divide within borders; Cyberworld imagines what technology can do for us on a global level; Downshift focuses on the interplay of the new economy and changing values under conditions of lower growth but higher hopes.

Download the full scenarios report here.


Strategic partnerships


A Nordic communications group that produces, develops and improves the efficiency of communications, marketing and networks across the society. Miltton assists companies in discovering and building their global citizenship and leveraging networks. Headquartered in Helsinki, the group has offices in Stockholm, Tallinn, Brussels and Washington, DC.

A U.S.-based firm focusing on the technology, energy & infrastructure and finance sectors globally providing forward-looking commercial advice on transactions, litigation and compliance matters. Orrick delivers distinctive quality, teamwork, value and innovation and has a presence in North America, Europe and Asia also servicing the Middle East.

A U.K.-based firm assessing the actual and potential impact of macro forces on strategy, policy and operations. Oxford Analytica covers geopolitics and macroeconomics across all regions and countries and the points at which they intersect. Broad sectoral expertise from aerospace to finance to utilities and subject expertise from climate change to terrorism to security and defence.


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